Welcome to the Being This Mama Hangout podcast! 

Hi, I’m Ashleigh. I’m a twenty-something grown up emo kid, I’m a partner to my amazing significant other and I’m a mama to three! After spending a few years convincing myself I wasn’t going to start a podcast, well… I started the Being This Mama Hangout podcast. I avoided starting it out of fear: fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of many things. One day last year I started to change the conversation: why NOT? So here we are! 

The Being This Mama Hangout podcast is a place where we’re having real talks with real people. We’re highlighting the knowledge and expertise we all carry from our lived experiences and education. We’re talking about being parents or choosing not to be one. We’re talking about the ups and downs of mental health, swapping poop stories and chatting about how impossible parenting can feel. We’re talking about balancing work life and home life, what it been like living through a pandemic around the world and the differences in our lives.  We’re talking to all types of families, all types of humans (well, all types of humans who align with my values) and sometimes it’s just me talking about what’s on my mind. 

The Being This Mama Hangout podcast is currently available for listening on Spotify, Apple, Google, iHeartRadio and Youtube – or click on an episode below!

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  • EP7: Hanging out with Emily Doukogiannis
    In this episode we're hanging out with Emily Doukogiannis! Emily is a Toronto-based photographer who I love dearly. We chat about being a photographer in a pandemic, starting up porchtraits, the importance of printing digital photos to preserve them and the two courses Emily offers! You can follow Emily on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/emilydphotography/Or head to […]
  • EP6: Hanging Out With Reena Parekh
    In this episode we're hanging out with Reena Parekh! Reena is a fitness coach to pregnant and postpartum people, a mom and passionate about breaking the stigmas around PPD and pelvic floor health. We discussed the fitness industry and changing to a body neutral mindset, some of the frustrations behind being content creators and, somehow, […]
  • EP5: Hanging out with Christine Trinh
    In this episode we're hanging out with Christine Trinh! She's the co-owner of one of my favourite kids secondhand clothing businesses, Beeja May, based out of Toronto. We chatted about being a business owner and parent, the pros and cons of owning your own business alongside your husband, thrifting and imperfect zero waste lifestyles. You […]
  • EP4: Hanging out with Rebecca Ackerman
    In this episode we're hanging out with Rebecca Ackerman, one of my favourite babes from Toronto. We talk about her parenting meet-ups Brew Babies TO, being a young and single mom and the realities that come along with it, swap poop stories and more! You can find Rebecca on instagram under the username @brewbabiesto. Love […]
  • EP3: Hanging out with Casey Strynadk (TW: death & dying)
    (Note: I'm sorry for the noise in some of these clips due to my sweater unknowingly rubbing the microphone!) This episode is all about hanging out with Casey Strynadk - she is currently pregnant with her first and has an interesting job as a funeral director and embalmer. We talk about pregnancy in a pandemic, […]
  • EP2: Hanging out with Jenn Green
    In this second episode of the Being This Mama Hangout podcast we're chatting with one of my favourite humans, Jenn Green from This Baby Mama Body fitness! We talk about her Hallmark movie worthy love story, the ups and downs of being in theatre, having a heart attack and more. You can find Jenn at […]
  • EP1 - An Intro
    Welcome to the Being This Mama Hangout podcast! This episode is a short intro all about me - who I am, why I'm here and a brief summary of what you can expect from this podcast. You can find me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/beingthismamahangout or on the blog at www.beingthismama.com !

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