Okay, or we’re all just a bunch of muggles who are sitting around wishing Hagrid had busted through our door on our eleventh birthday. Either way Hogwarts will always be home so I decided to add a little Hogwarts magic to our own home with a Hufflepuff Common Room playroom! 

I had gone back and forth for a while on when and how I would do a Harry Potter inspired playroom and our DIY fireplace was the item that made me decide on a common room. I wasn’t ready to move it to the basement yet! Being a Hufflepuff myself, I’ve collected a few house specific pieces. So a common room it was! 

“A portrait over the wooden mantelpiece (carved all over with decorative dancing badgers) shows Helga Hufflepuff…”


My first step was to consult what JK Rowling had written about the Hufflepuff common room on Pottermore to attempt to keep it at least slightly realistic. Since I couldn’t have a round, low-ceilinged room or specific windows I did what I could do: touches of yellow and black, hints of wood and decorated with plants.

Oh, and a giant Hufflepuff banner of course.

When I pictured it in my head I envisioned the playroom covered in faux plants from top to bottom, but stopped myself from buying the entire plant section of the dollar. What in the world would I do with that many plants afterwards!  

“A colourful profusion of plants and flowers seem to relish the atmosphere of the Hufflepuff common room…”


I am in love with the gallery wall I threw together. Having a wall of herbology was a great option for the playroom while keeping with the common room theme – instead of buying 100 faux plants. The photos don’t do the beauty of these prints justice!

There’s a wand wood one you can find h e r e, a herbology one you can find h e r e and a second herbology one that you can find h e r e! I searched ones I loved on Pinterest and then found their shops but Etsy is also filled with options!

The awesome wicker mirror we have is a thrift store find (I was so happy I think I actually cried) and so are the plate frames. The letter board is from Dollarama, it’s only $4! Anything that goes on this wall is always out of reach of little hands. But as a safety precaution, our playroom frames are the FISKBO frames from Ikea. Instead of glass the inner piece is plastic so if it falls, nothing breaks! As a bonus, they’re also super cheap. 

“The room is decorated in the cheerful, bee-like colours of yellow and black…”


In a lot of ways, this playroom theme was just a great excuse to pull out some of my Harry Potter items from storage – and I have zero complaints! Such as my Hogwarts Express ticket that got framed and put on the shelf. One of the best parts of being a parent is watching your littles fall in love with what brings you joy.

So being able to throw this together and have the kids run around with a wand pretending they’re a wizard kind of makes my heart explode.

We’re spreading the magic of the wizarding world all throughout the month so be sure to check back for sensory activities, worksheets and more!



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