I said I would rethink the name when I originally posted this to Instagram but I don’t know, the name has kind of grown on me… This was a small activity I had set up for a rainy afternoon and it was a nice way to have her pass the time. I used Jell-o but if you wanted it to be an activity that lasted longer, or maybe you live somewhere that’s fairly hot still during October, you could swap out the Jell-o and do frozen pieces instead!






  • Active World Tray
  • Witchy Pumpkin Decorating Pieces
  • Cauldren
  • Kitchen Utensils (potato masher, tongs, scrubbing brush…)
  • Jello-O
  • Plastic bugs



Set Up

The only prep it truly takes is setting the pumpkin decorating pieces and plastic bugs in Jell-o the night before. I tried to put them in Halloween moulds but they didn’t pop right out the way I hoped they would. You could just set it all into one big container and then break it apart!


This was a messy play that I gave her no direction with. She mashed, she scooped and she explored all the ways she could manipulate the Jell-o and get the pieces out. 


OH, and of course tasted. 


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