Mama is Important, too.

“How’s the baby?’

“Are they eating well?” ⁣
“Look how great they look!” ⁣
“Does the baby need anything?” ⁣
“Are they a happy baby?” ⁣
“Are they gaining weight?” ⁣

Everyone loves to pay attention to the baby. The doctors love to ask a million questions about the baby. Strangers love to stop and stare and adore the baby. But what about mom? She was born too, you know. Born into this new role of motherhood that’s not easy. ⁣

I’ll always appreciate my Grandpa when he comes over. No matter how excited he is to be visiting his great-grandkids he always takes the time to stop, hug me and then look me in the eyes and ask me how I’M doing. How I’M feeling. If I need anything. ⁣

Why don’t we do this more? It’s so easy for mom to just say she’s okay when she’s not. So many of us spoke out when it was #maternalmentalhealthweek, and then it just got swept back up under the rug. ⁣

There was a time not long ago that family came to visit and I asked if they could grab a coffee for me on the way over. And when they got here there was no coffee and I was momentarily in such a rage. Over COFFEE. But I just remember this feeling of me not mattering and that if I had asked them to grab something for the kids, chances are it would’ve been picked up. (they’re going to read this – hey fam, don’t worry, it’s okay. Im over it.) ⁣

Don’t forget about mom. Check in with that mom. Take the time to remind her she matters. Because she does matter. ⁣



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