Parenthood is a funny thing. 

It’s feeling immense pride in your kids, just to be annoyed as hell by them five minutes later. 

It’s watching your kids laugh and play together, to turn around and find them fighting over a toy the next minute. 

It’s staying home and hanging out yet still having endless amounts of laundry and dishes. 

It’s feeling endlessly exhausted but never going to bed early anyways.

It’s excitedly buying new toys just to curse them when you step on it an hour later. 

It’s a roller coaster of emotions on a daily basis. 

It’s rewarding yet draining. It’s exciting yet terrifying. It’s exhilarating yet debilitating. 

It’s an impossible-feeling, delicate balancing act of spending time with your kids, spending time with your partner, managing to get work done, getting necessities done around the house and still finding time for yourself. 

Parenthood is so many things. Yet there are a few things it is not. 

Parenthood is not linear. Parenthood is not predictable. Parenthood is not equal.

Most importantly: parenthood will never be the same for each of us. 

So your parenthood journey is not wrong if it does not look like the ones you see on instagram. Your parenthood journey is yours, all your own, and whatever YOU choose for it to be. 

What is parenthood for you?

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