Working from home has always had one huge benefit to me: wearing the comfiest clothes I want whenever I want. With so many people working from home now I’ve seen the influx of shoppers looking for new sweatpants, rompers and leggings. While there are many fast fashion options I wanted to highlight the slow fashion clothing options we might not think about. 

Why slow fashion? 

While many may look at slow fashion as the expensive choice there’s more to it than just a higher price tag. That price tag translates into organic fabrics, sustainable production practices and a fair, liveable wage to those who worked on your clothing. It’s clothing that is made to last through being worn instead of forgotten in a closet or tossed after a few wears. 

Whether you’re hiding your bottom half in a conference call, attempting to keep kids entertained or simply lounging around binge watching television these comfortable ethical clothing options are perfect for your isolation!

(All prices in this article are shown in CAD)


Based in Nova Scotia, Ana + Zac was inspired by the habit of sharing each other’s clothes and living a more minimalistic, sustainable lifestyle. Their ethical clothing pieces are gender fluid basics that can work into anyone’s wardrobe. Some small runs of clothing are made in Nova Scotia and the rest are made in an ethical factory based in Peru. My choice from their current collection is: 


Basic Black Joggers

The perfect black gender fluid high rise joggers! Relaxed fit. Wear them in the house or out of the house. 

Price: $110.00

Fabric: 100% Cotton French Terry

Noteworthy: they have pockets!

Find them h e r e. 


When Buttercream was first created, it was a one person show ran by Candice making vintage-style aprons. Now it’s Buttercream Clothing – an ethical clothing company that makes a full line of clothing in Calgary, Alberta! With all the goodies like tops, bottoms and rompers you’re sure to find a piece that works into your wardrobe. My top pick for you is: 


The Tank Romper 

You also have the choice of a t-shirt or long sleeve romper! 

Once of the main reasons I chose this romper was the fact it’s a 2-in-1 – it’s reversible! Wear one way for a v-neck, then turn it around the next day for a swoop neck. 

Price: $108.00

Fabric: 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% Cotton & 6% Spandex.

Find it h e r e


Created by Lexi Soukoreff, Daub + Design is an ethical activewear brand based out of Vancouver, BC. Lexi has put a lot of thought and love into her pieces. The fabrics are either made to order or sourced from factories that would have been sending them to landfill. The fabrics are hand dyed by Lexi and her team. All the pieces are sewn by local sewers and factories in Vancouver using small batch production processes. If activewear isn’t your cup of tea, they do offer comfortable basics as well! The piece I love most in the Daub + Design collection is: 


The Pocket Leggings

Yes, I did choose these over other leggings because they have a pocket. Choose between plain colours or a pair that includes a fun dye pop on the sides! 

Cost: $138.00

Fabric: 76% Polyester & 24% Spandex

Find them h e r e.


Attempting to leave the planet better than it started is Ecologyst’s goal in their clothing company. Years ago they realized their previous clothing brand wasn’t good enough in terms of sustainability and the environment and made changes. Their products are now mainly produced in British Columbia instead of overseas – and if they can’t be, they’re produced as close to home as possible. You can tell they’re passionate about making clothing that will last through the years instead of clothing that is tossed aside at the end of a season. My favourite piece is: 


The 210 Merino Jogger

Available in dusk blue or sitka green, these joggers look pretty darn comfortable and the reviews on their page agreed. 

Price: $165.00 

Fabric: 100% merino wool 210 GSM jersey knit.

Find them h e r e.


Created by Kristi Soomer, Encircled is an ethical company based out of Toronto, ON. Kristi’s goal is creating sustainable basics and versatile clothing that well help women reduce the number of articles of clothing they own and get more wear out of their closet pieces.  Encircled is really embracing the stay at home comfort wardrobe – they’ve added a section to their website of all the best pieces they carry! My top pick for you: 


The Dressy Sweatsuit

Build your ultimate dressy sweatsuit by customizing the colour of each piece and choose from a merino French Terry or regular French Terry top. Buy them together and apply a discount code to save! 

Cost: $274.00 

Fabric: MicroModal (pants) & Rayon from Bamboo, Merino Wool & Spandex French Terry (sweater)

Noteworthy: POCKETS!

Find it h e r e


Not only are the owners and creators of this company located in Ontario, Canada – every piece in the Everyday Hustle collection are 100% made in Ontario too! Created and ran by sister duo Jerrica & Kerstin with the purpose of making ethical choices in fashion be accessible to everybody and fit every body. Top pick for your work from home wardrobe: 


The Essential Pant

I own these pants. I live in these pants. I frequently wear them for a week straight because they’re so perfect. The wide band at the top can be folded up or down to suit your style and adds a little compression – which keeps them in place and adds some tummy support, but without the discomfort of shape wear! 

Cost: $90.00

Fabric: 87% bamboo rayon, 8% cotton, 5% Lycra

Noteworthy: POCKETS!


Find them h e r e


Free Label is an all-Canadian brand. Their fabrics are custom milled in Toronto, ON – which means they can control the feel, durability and quality of your clothes. Ethically made in Vancouver, BC in factories where the workers are known, respected and working in clean and safe environments. Free Label creates endless beautiful products, but today I’m going to highlight: 


The Black Sunday Crop

Though you do also have the choice of Spiced Peach and Deep Teal! With its ruched ankles and adjustable waistband, these pants are perfect for both in and out of the house. Also flattering for all body types!

Price: $158.00 

Fabric: 85% Bamboo Rayon, 15% Spandex

Noteworthy: pockets!!

Find them h e r e.


Franc is one of my all time favourite ethical clothing brands. They’re based in Toronto, ON for almost every aspect of their business. While their yarn is spun in Korea, their fabric knitting and dying, their production factory and their main office are all located in the Toronto area!

Brandi has created a beautiful line to shop all the clothing basics you’ll need like sweatpants, t-shirts and sweaters. Top pick for your work from home wardrobe:


The Slim Jogger Pant

You won’t need to steal anyone’s sweatpants once you own these ones. Tapered bottoms, drawstring top and deep pockets means these sweats check off all the right boxes. Fashionable enough that you could easily wear these outside the house!

Cost: $95.00 

Fabric: 66% Tencel, 28% Cotton 6% Spandex Fleece (OEKO-TEX 100 certified) Jersey

Noteworthy: POCKETS!


Find them h e r e.


Started by two Mamas, Greige is on a mission to blend sustainability with functionality style for both kids and adults. Their pieces are designed to be non-restrictive and comfortable – prefect for parents and non-parents alike. You can also find kids pieces to match the adult ones! Greige has their pieces made in an ethical factory in China that guarantees proper working conditions and higher than living wages to its workers. My favourite piece from their collection is: 


The Rosie Jumpsuit

The Rosie jumpsuit is soft, flowy and comfortable. Wear it curled up in bed, out for groceries or dress it up for dinner! Match it to the kids O.G. Bamboo Romper for adorable matching outfits. 

Price: $99.00

Fabric: 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton & 6% Spandex

Noteworthy: Adjustable straps!

Find it h e r e


Hernest Project is here for your stylish lounge wear that you’re not embarrassed to answer the door in – or, in the case isolation, not afraid to be seen on video chat in. Based out of Quebec, they focus on four principles: simplicity, freedom of movement, versatility and longevity. Their garments are sewn in an ethical factory located in Maia, Portugal. From their beautiful collection packed with basics, I’m choosing: 


The Betty Brief 

For those of you who, like me, are on team no pants. A medium to high waist underwear you can feel good having your mid-afternoon dance party in. Choose from indigo, black, copper brown or a light grey. 

Cost: $39.00

Fabric: 64% Tencel ™, 31% BCI Cotton &  5% Elastane.

Find them h e r e.


Hoi Bo is an all around beautiful company who truly loves what they do. Not only is every piece made by hand in Toronto they created a mixed-use studio/retail space where folks could experience Hoi Bo in its entirety. The piece I’ve chosen to highlight is: 


Cotton Gathered Slacks

I lust over these pants quite often. You’ve got the choice of Kohl or Gold Medal (aka black or mustard yellow) in these beauties. 

Price: $198.00 

Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Nylon

Find them h e r e.


Kindred Clothing Co was built around the idea of family. They’re a family run business that includes pieces for all ages and genders – and they’re made with all the messes, activities and outings in mind. Based in British Columbia, Kindred Clothing Co has a goal of creating affordable, fashionable pieces without an unethical background. Their fabrics are produced in a reputable factory in China and all their pieces are sewn in BC. The piece I’ve chosen for your wardrobe is: 


Women’s Leggings

Affordable leggings that are made to last! You have the option of black, green, purple of a floral print.

Cost: $40.00 

Fabric: 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% Cotton & 6% Spandex.

Find them h e r e.


Kotn has a focus on one particular fibre for their sustainable clothing lines: Egyptian cotton. They use direct trade to source their cotton, which means it’s bought for a fair price directly from the farmers. The clothing is then made in a factory that aims for workers to have careers with proper wages and work conditions – not just jobs. What makes your purchase from Kotn even more special is that each purchase provides every child in their farming communities with a convenient, quality and safe education. From their collection I’ve chosen:



Kotn’s website has a section of lounge wear that is packed with options that it’s hard to choose. But I’m choosing to highlight something important: AFFORDABLE ETHICAL LEGGINGS!

Price: $35.00

Fabric: 92% Egyptian cotton, and 8% spandex

Find them h e r e


Memi Collective embraces the slow fashion philosophy of sustainable, timeless clothing. They’ve chosen to have their pieces produced in an ethical factory in Taipei, Taiwan that promotes fair and liveable wages, business hours and working conditions. From their collection I’ve chosen: 



A thicker legging means you get the benefit and comfort of a legging with the feel of a pair of pants (aka, not see through!) 

Price: $80.00 

Fabric: 78% Umorfil Nylon, 22% Spandex

Find them h e r e


Look good, feel good and do good: the three pillars Miik is built on. Every part of their clothing line is made right in Ontario. They custom mill their fabrics from sustainably-sourced fibres, closely monitor working conditions and ensure fair pay and respect for all our workers. My top Miik item for your stay at home adventures: 


The Andie Open-Back Jumpsuit

The perfect jumpsuit for those who hate jumpsuits! Only the front part of the top half is attached to the waistband. Gives you the look of an trendy jumpsuit and the convenience of a two-piece outfit.

Cost: $195.00

Fabric: 90% rayon from bamboo, 10% Lycra spandex

Find it h e r e.


OKAYOK is a Toronto based company who not only makes some beautiful basics, but also some super fun prints! Producing local is important to them and is all based in Ontario. Their un-dyed basics are sewn in Etobicoke as well as in their studio, their cotton fabrics are milled in Scarborough and Montreal and the designing, pattern making and graphic application all happens in their studio. From their collection I’ve chosen: 


The Basal Skinny Sweats

If a pair of leggings, a pair of jeans and a pair of sweatpants had a three-way I’m convinced the result would be these pants. Back pockets like jeans, feel of a sweatpant and look of a legging. 

Price: $88.00

Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Colours: Black or Grey

Find them h e r e .


Two words come to mind every time I browse Thief and Bandit: bold and beautiful. Based out of a fashion studio in Halifax, NS they paint all their fabric, sew all their garments and fulfill every order themselves! It was really hard to narrow down which pants were the greatest, but I’m going to showcase:


The Rambling Rose Leggings

But really, I’m in love with their entire bottoms collection so I’m going to speak to them as a whole. 

Price: $125.00 – $216.00

Fabric: 100% organic cotton or organic jersey, depending on style 

Shop their bottoms h e r e. 


The pieces of clothing you reach for daily: the goal Uniform Handmade has for their clothing pieces. Created in Fraser Valley, BC by Veronica Steunenberg, each piece of clothing is made to order with love and quality. Ethically made to be versatile, simple and easy. From their collection I’ve chosen:  



Also available in linen and raw silk and so many colours!

As opposed to many of the pants I’ve shared here, this one is a beautiful wide-legged pant. Yes – they do have pockets!

Price: $175.00

Fabric: organic hemp cotton 

Find them h e r e.


Located in Chatham, ON, Wooly Doodle was started in Elizabeth’s basement as a passion project while she was on maternity leave. Since then it’s expanded into an ethical, handmade factory company that makes comfortable clothing for the whole family! Every aspect of their brand is Canadian. Not only are the clothing pieces made here, their fabrics are knit and dyed in Ontario as well! It was a hard choice, but from their collection I’ve chosen: 



But their lounge pant was a very, very close runner-up! And yes, this romper does have pockets. 

Price: $88.00

Colours: Black or Grey 

Fabric: 66% bamboo, 28% cotton 6% spandex 

Find it h e r e .

There it is! My list of comfortable ethical clothing for isolation. There are many unfortunate sides to the fashion industry but this list is full of brands who are ethical, transparent and worthy of spending your dollars on. 



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