Simple, clean with a few nods to Valentine’s Day – our February playroom is nice and cozy for these long winter days!




As the end of each month rolls around, I get a mixture of excitement and sadness when I think about changing the playroom around. I debated leaving the Harry Potter theme around for a little longer but it was time for the change. The fireplace had run it’s current course, we didn’t need all the cube shelving that was taking up space and I missed having a chair to sit in to watch them play during independent play! At the same time I didn’t want to recreate another playroom that took long hours or money to throw together. That’s how our simple February playroom came about. 

Most of the decor in the room was leftover from last month (and was pulled from other areas of the house to begin with!). Such as the fake plants, the planters and the frames.

To give it a Valentines Day feel I took a trip to the Dollarama and grabbed a few wall hanging hearts from the decor section (the regular one, not the seasonal one) and a LOVE sign from the seasonal aisle. Then I popped onto Canva and whipped up a few Valentines Day printables to put in the frames! I also included my favourite print we have – the watercolour alphabet from Wild Canary Studio.

The playroom doubles as our living space outside of daycare hours so it’s always important to me that the space is not only a child friendly environment for playing and learning, but also a space that I enjoy working in and spending time in. 

Although we’ve had the Ikea magnetic boards hanging up since the beginning of daycare (ours are discontinued, but these ones from Ikea are the new versions) they haven’t gotten used much in the last few months and needed some new life given to them. So I decided they’d be a great addition to the wall on the opposite side of the room – it’s an awkward sized wall and it’s hard to make things fit nicely. 

The seasonal aisle at the Dollarama has adorable Valentines themed magnet sets. Downside: they’re very much not teething baby approved and won’t withstand their mouths. This monkey used to have legs and a tail – they lasted against five kids chewing and folding and moving them around for about half a day!

The greatest part was finally having a great space to hang the Melissa and Doug boards that always get fought over! 

Our walls aren’t easy to hang stuff on so both the magnetic boards and the Melissa and Doug boards get hung with these Command Strips. Honestly, almost all our playroom decor does. Command strips allow for damage free versatility.

As far as Valentine’s Day toys, we don’t really have any. I did put together a tray of different red loose parts and I pulled booked that had a love theme to them.

I put our Melissa and Doug cookie set as well as parts of the blender set in the kitchen to encourage some sweet seasonal baking.

Then I made a few sensory bottles full of love – these jewels from Dollarama work perfectly in a sensory bottle!   

We’ve gotten quite a few deep belly laughs from the youngest of the bunch from rolling this across the room. That’s about it! I think the goal for next month is to find a big run we love for the floor. Maybe one of the big foam kids playmats. Something to make the floor just a little more cozy for the afternoons! 



See our shelving unit H E R E.

See our play kitchen H E R E.

See our playroom chair H E R E.

See our magnet boards H E R E.

See the Melissa and Doug Magnetic Farm Board H E R E.

See the Melissa and Doug Latch Board H E R E.

See the Melissa and Doug Cookie Set H E R E.

See the Melissa and Doug Mixer Set H E R E.

See the command strips H E R E

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