My biggest rule of thumb when having a million kids in my house all the time: always have easy crafts on hand to pull out at a moments notice! This easy Valentine’s Day craft was a great one to pull out one morning when it was too cold to stay outside for as long as we had planned. Using a simple plaque from the dollar store and a little paint we had on hand already we made some adorable decor for the playroom! 


The instructions for this one are as simple as you could imagine: paint the heart plaque!

I love simple activities like this when I have a room of varying ages. Youngest doing this today was 13 months and oldest was just shy of being 4! While the eldest finished it faster than the younger ones, they helped each other out with painting and each got something different out of it.

When everyone was done I simply hung them up to dry and will leave them as is to decorate the playroom. If you wanted this to be a two part activity to fill more time, when the hearts dried you could: 

  • Add words to be traced (love, happy, friend…)
  • Add small decor (glitter, foam stickers, small gems…)
  • Splatter it with a different colour paint 
  • Add stripes, polka dots, zig zags, etc.
  • Modge Podge tissue paper hearts 
  • Modge Podge a photo and use them as a parent/grandparent gift

While not a necessity, I love having our EZPZ mats for crafts like this.

  • They stay put on the table which eliminates paint trays being tipped over onto the table and floor.
  • They’re also extremely easy to wash paint and glue off of thanks to being made from silicone!
  • Each kid having their own mat with supplies means no taking supplies from each other and everyone can go at their own pace

We use the Happy Bowls & Mini Bowls that we already own (they were awesome for painting mini pumpkins!) but EZPZ does also make a Play Mat that’s perfect for paint and small pieces.


That’s it! The super easy Valentines Day craft idea that’s perfect for a whole variety of ages. Be sure to check out some of the other seasonal craft ideas we’ve done too! 

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