Ever since we’ve started being more conscious of our waste I’ve been keeping a large stash of recyclables that I can reuse in crafts and activities. So many toilet paper tubes! These easy recycled materials Valentine’s Day crafts are so quick to throw together and are perfect for a last minute activity! 

These crafts are fast to throw together, cost almost nothing and are toddler friendly. They’re also great to make in large batches for a classroom, daycare or event (like a Girl Guides meetup, or a birthday party).


  • Toilet paper/paper towel tubes
  • Egg cartons
  • Crayons
  • Glue gun 
  • Pipecleaners or string
  • Stickers or other decorations (optional)


  1. Cut the egg carton into sections. You could do a rough cut, but I cut mine down to a clean edge!
  2. Glue gun the pieces into a circle.  
  3. Attach the pipe cleaner or string to the back of the wreath. If making them with multiple kids, I would write their names on the inside now as well!
  4. Colour with red and/or pink crayons! Egg cartons are super easy to colour with crayons and could be done by a toddler. 
  5. Optional: decorate! Keep in mind that not all stickers stick very well to egg carton material, so you may want to use the glue gun or some white glue to assure all your decorations stay put.


  1. Cut the toilet paper tubes up into circles. I did four circles per tube this time, but it’s up to you how thick or thin you want them to be! 
  2. To shape into hearts, I first squish the circle flat to get two creases, release and then fold the top crease inwards. You’ll want to press the creases a few times to get them to stay. 
  3. Glue together! I did some straight and a few different wreaths. You could also do garlands.
  4. Attach the pipe cleaner to the top and if your’e doing this with multiple kids write their names inside. 
  5. Colour with pink and red crayons!
  6. Optional: decorate with stickers and other Valentine’s Day small decorations. Keep in mind not everything sticks to a crayon coloured surface and you may need to glue on the stickers and decor. 

That’s it! 

Instead of crayons you could use paint for this as well. If you wanted to decorate after you colour, some great options are:

  • Heart stickers
  • Red and pink gems
  • Glitter (preferably eco friendly glitter!)
  • Foam stickers 
  • Ribbon 

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