Hey you – I know it’s hard.

Hey you – the person who’s been struggling to accept their body this summer? I see you.

The person who’s wanted to join in on just putting on the bikini like everyone else is, but is having a hard time doing it? I see you, and you’re doing great.

The person who still hasn’t put on shorts this summer because they’re too nervous to show off stretch marks or cellulite? I see you. You’re beautiful.

The people who can’t find it within themselves to wear the dress or go swimming in the pool or whatever it may be – I see you and you’re doing great.

The #bodypositivemovement can be intimidating. There are still many days where I wake up and can’t bring myself to look in a mirror or cringe when I see a photo. You’ll get there. We’ll all get there.

We’re all just little caterpillars learning how to become beautiful butterflies.

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