This opinion always has some controversy when I post about it. But please – for all of our sanity – stop making parents of multiples stop so you can ask them a dumb question. ⁣

I don’t hate conversation. I’m all for chatting with the person in line with me at Walmart. I’m totally cool with the light conversation I’ll have with someone on the bus. I’m talking about the people who have run across the hallway in the mall to stop me and ask if they’re twins. I’m talking about the car who stopped in the middle of the damn intersection yesterday, stopping traffic, to try and yell questions at me. I’m not kidding. It happened. I still haven’t figured out what their question was, they got honked at to keep traffic flowing. ⁣

The letterboards in this photo are all questions or statements that have been thrown my way. Yelled at me as I walk down the street. Whispered behind my back as we do our groceries. Repeated again and again and again. ⁣

It’s exhausting. ⁣

I get the flip side. I get that (most) people don’t mean harm in it. But I’m throwing this out there for you to think about. Those random comments you make to others out in public – are they necessary? Are they doing that person any good? Is it really worth stopping both of your lives to say? ⁣

Maybe instead of ‘you have your hands full!’ you could try ‘do you want any help with that?’ ⁣

Maybe instead of ‘you look tired!’ you could buy the person behind you their coffee. ⁣

And maybe, just maybe, more people could presume that if someone is walking around with two babies that are the same size, the same gender, wearing the same outfit – yes, they’re twins.


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