The left is me and the right is also me.⁣⁣

⁣I remember how uncomfortable I was in my body after I had my first. I remember feeling so lost about the body I was in – always feeling disgusted by its size and shape. I remember being mortified at the way my stomach now hung because of the c-section. I had entire Pinterest boards dedicated to workouts that promised me they’d rid me of my postpartum body and return me to my perfect, unblemished, skinny self.⁣⁣
Looking back, I feel so sorry for that version of myself. I’m so sad for her that she had no one to turn to who could tell her that her body was still healing. That while her stomach would never look the same as it did before, it would eventually shrink down and not hang so low. I didn’t have people on social media showing me that my body was normal and common. I didn’t have anyone telling me it was okay. When I had my second c-section I knew what to expect. I was also a lot more willing to accept what was coming. I also knew I wasn’t alone.⁣⁣
No matter how open and accepting I am of my body there are still days I don’t love it. I’d be lying if I said I woke up thankful for a flab of stomach hanging down every day. I get frustrated that clothes never fit me properly. I get frustrated that I cant see my bikini line to shave it, which is why I never really do. I get frustrated for a lot of different reasons. But I also respect the fact that this is currently my body and that it’s many other people’s bodies. I respect the fact there’s nothing wrong with my body shape – it’s just different than what it was before.⁣⁣
So some days I dress it up and hide it away and other days I’m okay with showing it off. Body positivity isn’t about loving the skin you are in 24/7. It’s about respecting the fact there are many different bodies out there – not judging someone else based on what their body looks like.⁣⁣


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