There are parts of me who have always been unstoppable. There’s a part of me who’s always been driven despite being a superb procrastinator. There’s a part of me who’s always been loud and proud even though I’m also an introvert. I strive to fight for what I want while also being very lazy. ⁣

Becoming a mother has made it very easy to just settle. It’s easy to get sucked into the tiredness, the loneliness, the stress. To wake up and live the same day each day, live the same routine of dishes and laundry and diaper changes. ⁣

But I’m choosing not to let it become this.⁣
I’m choosing to be unstoppable. ⁣

I’m choosing to wake up in the morning and ditch the daily routine and live an adventure, even if it might mean the dishes sit unwashed for a few extra hours. I’m choosing to fight for the equality and love and respect my three daughters deserve. I’m choosing to love myself and reach out to those around me even if it might be absolutely terrifying to do so some days. ⁣

Parenthood is hard. Not just motherhood – parenthood. No matter which side of the parenting equation you are or how you identify yourself – it’s hard. ⁣

Don’t let it stop you. Be unstoppable.

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