#my_body_is strong, even if it may not look like it. ⁣
While my arms may not be toned and my legs may jiggle, my body is still strong. ⁣
While my abs may not be defined (and honestly, are still fairly non-existent from two abdominal surgeries), my body is still strong. ⁣
Strength is not only defined by how many miles you can run or what weight you can lift. ⁣
Strength is being able to withstand great force or pressure. ⁣
Strength is not a direct correlation to going to the gym and working out. ⁣
While some may lift weights at the gym, I lift in my daily life.⁣
I lift babies up, down and all around the house. ⁣
I lift laundry up and down three floors of stairs. ⁣
I lift and put away toys continuously. ⁣
While some may not see motherhood as active, I continue to remain active my entire day. ⁣
I walk step after step throughout the house. ⁣
I push a stroller with 50+ lbs inside it. ⁣
I pull sleds, climb playgrounds and hike forests.⁣
This body has gone through jobs that required continuous lifting. ⁣
This body has played sports. ⁣
This body has gone through two emergency surgeries. ⁣
This body has lived years of its life. ⁣
But nothing has ever left me feeling as strong as motherhood has. ⁣
So yes – #my_body_is strong, even if it may not look like it. ⁣
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