When I started the ethical clothing journey I knew one thing was for sure: I needed to add a good hoodie to the list. I’m slightly (very) hoodie obsessed and live in them year round. A hoodie is my comfort zone for clothes; whether it’s to hide underneath when I’m tired, to layer in an outfit when I’m cold or the necessity of a hood to hide my hair a hoodie won’t fail me. I can wear it with leggings, sweats or jeans.
You get the idea. I have a very, very loving relationship with my hoodies.
When I was looking through and reading reviews Wear Franc was my top contender and now that I have it I know I was definitely right. 


Founded by Brandy Mercredi, Wear Franc was the result of an apparel designer who was fed up with the standard practices in the fashion industry. Based in Toronto, Wear Franc is made using Canadian-made fabrics and in a safe environment. Since the factory is so close to work, Wear Franc also gets to check off the low carbon footprint checkbox too. 


Looking on a website like Wear Franc can seem expensive compared to most of our usuals. But it’s important to remember that fast fashion stores are still marked up up to 10x higher than their making costs and have room to play – but at the cost of paying their employees alarmingly low wages for working in horrible work environments. 

Brands like Wear Franc are paying for real factories, actual Ontario wages and quality materials. Doing these ethical clothing brand reviews has a goal of making this more known!

So, how do I feel about my hoodie?

Remember how I said I love hoodies? Well, this one is my ultimate love letter. 

It’s got a lot going for it. 

First, it’s so damn soft. Like, buttery soft. Like, hugs your body with the most buttery soft fabric you could dream of. You can feel that the sweater is made from strong, quality fabric. 

Second, the colour. The photos of the sweater do it no justice! I chose to get it in emerald to add a little colour to my monochrome wardrobe and I have zero regrets. The dyes Wear Franc uses makes the colour so rich, deep and vibrant. 

Next, the hood. Doesn’t look like it in the photo but oh my gosh, I think this is the biggest hood I’ve ever had on a hoodie. It fits over my giant top bun with ease. Hoods are usually such a bother for me so that was a fantastic discovery. 

Lastly the lengths – both sweater and the arms. My height mixed with arm length have frequently been a struggle for me and this sweater hits all the right lengths. It pairs great with both jeans and leggings!

I used the sizing chart on their website and was in-between sizes, and ended up sizing up for a looser fit. Now that it’s here I know I could comfortably size down to the smaller sweater for a tighter fit too. 


Find the sweater I’m wearing h e r e .

Find my video review of the hoodie h e r e

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