Five Fall Fashion Basics You Need From FRANC

Fall weather is arriving, pumpkins are appearing and the hot drinks are in our hands – the perfect time of year to get cozy in fall fashion! 

I love every season of the year. Each one brings it’s own specific fun, each new season rolls around right when I’m getting sick of the current one and I love getting to watch nature change and adapt around me. Fall however is without a doubt my favourite season! The weather is just right for cozy fall fashion pieces without being too hot or cold, I don’t have layer of coats, hats and scarves hiding my outfits and pumpkins rule my world. (I’m also a hardcore Halloween person, so…)

Fall where I live screams cozy clothing. After a hot, sweaty summer all I want is sweatpants and leggings, comfy sweaters to cuddle up in while sipping a hot tea and rompers for days! As much as I love a good Grandpa sweater hunt in a thrift store and stealing my partners sweatpants, I have come to love creating my own wardrobe of fall fashion basics that is comfortable, versatile and long lasting. After a few years of trying fashion brands out I found my favourite: FRANC

FRANC is a Canadian company creating ethical, sustainable clothing pieces that stand the test of time in sizes 4X – XS. Their basics are ultra comfy and soft, many of my pieces can be worn throughout multiple seasons of the year and they keep their shape, colour and size even after years of washes and wears.

Here’s my top five favourite fall fashion pieces from FRANC everyone needs in their wardrobe – and there’s a discount code at the end for you too!


1. The Hoodie

I’ve owned my FRANC hoodie for almost four years now and I still grab for it regularly even though it’s currently two sizes too big! It’s the perfect thickness to wear through any season, super soft and has an amazing sized hood on it (big enough to go over a big messy top bun). 

Sizes: 4X – XS

Fabric: 66% Tencel, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex Fleece

Cost: $95 CAD

2. The Slim Jogger Pant 

Everyone needs that one nice pair of sweatpants that you wear to the grocery store or school drop off that look good but aren’t stained, you know? I’ll be honest and say I’ve even worn mine to work…

Sizes: 4X – XS

Fabric: 66% Tencel, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex Fleece

Cost: $99 CAD

3. The Jogger Jumpsuit

I own so many versions of a romper/jumpsuit and my FRANC jumpsuit is the one I grab for most. The front snaps allow for under layers to be shown off, or for boobs to breathe. The Jogger Jumpsuit has great sized pockets and the waist strings leave you with a flattering body shape, no matter your size.

Sizes: 4X – XS

Fabric: 66% Tencel, 28% Cotton, 6% Lycra French Terry 

Cost: $125 CAD

4. The Basic High-Rise Legging

These high-waisted leggings are one of FRANC’s newer releases and I am so happy with them so far! They’re thick enough to not be see through but still breathable, the high waist prevents them from showing off my butt crack and they stay up so well throughout the day. A big bonus for me is the fact the leggings don’t stretch out during the day!

Sizes: 4X – XS

Fabric: 66% Tencel, 28% GOTS Organic Cotton, 6% Spandex Jersey 

Cost: $91 CAD



5. The Boxy T-Shirt Dress 

I’m not a huge dress person and I ordered this dress during a random mood – I have had zero regrets in grabbing one. This is one of those dresses you throw in your closet and pull time and time again. Nice loose fit, pockets (!!!!!) and can be dressed up or down. 

Sizes: 4X – XS 

Fabrics: 66% Tencel, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex Jersey 

Ready to add some fall fashion to your cart? 

Use code BEINGTHISMAMA on FRANC‘s website for a discount! 

Happy fall fashion shopping, everyone.




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