Six Canadian Companies Making Plus Sized Bathing Suits

Finding it hard to buy an ethical bathing suit that is both plus sized and Canadian? I’ve got you covered.

Summer in Canada doesn’t last for long and it means one thing each year – time to break out the bathing suits! In the past I’ve always bought the cheapest swimsuit I liked without thinking twice. Some of them have lasted a few years but most are long gone after one summer of wear and tear. The summers that I have lived in a fat body larger than a size large were even worse – it was hard to find plus sized bathing suits that I enjoyed that came in the sizes I needed and actually fit right. Fat bodies deserve a good bathing suit, too!

While the fashion industry is slowly joining the move towards carrying a full size line, aka a size range that goes larger than an XL or 2XL, it’s still hard to find reliable brands who are carrying ethically made swimwear that is both Canadian and plus sized. Even some of the brands on this very list are lacking in diversity of both size and skin colour in their product photos despite carrying larger sizes.

Hopefully we’ll continue to see a shift in what brands bring forward in their products and product photos when it comes to ethical swimwear – but for now, here are six Canadian brands carrying ethical swimwear in plus sized options!



Londre is a brand based in British Colombia making high quality bathing suits and some apparel. From the materials used to make the products to the packaging it’s sent to you in, Londre takes care in being as sustainable and ethical as they can.

The fabrics used in Londre products are made using plastic bottles, blended with a small amount of Chitosante. This is sourced from a factory in Taiwan that is OEKO Tex 100 certified. 

Londre bathing suits are made in Vancouver by sewers who are fairly paid and work in a safe environment. To help keep products out of landfill, the bathing suits are able to be remade into new materials. Londre will accept returns on their suits that no longer work for you in exchange for a return label and coupon code for future purchases!  

At the time of writing this article, over 750,000 plastic bottles have been saved from staying landfill and becoming a Londre bathing suit instead.

Size range:  5XL – XS

Price Range: $66 – $231 CAD




Mimi and August is a company based in Montreal, Quebec. They are a brand who give great attention to detail in each piece they make as well as a fair production process whether it be in Canada or abroad. They have created a beautiful collection of swimsuits, apparel and accessories.

Like many of the other brands in this article, Mimi & August try to keep their environmental impact as low as possible. This includes limiting their number of releases and using digital printing instead of sublimation for their swimsuit fabrics.

Another little tidbit about Mimi & August that I love is who they use as their product models – real everyday people! Mimi and August does not use professional models – they use people who have volunteered to be model for them and I think this is one of the truest ways to ensure your product photos are given a great mixture of diversity.    

Size range:  4XL – XS

Price Range: $56 – $160

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Minnow Bathers is based out of Toronto, ON. They are an ethical swimwear company who strive to be eco-friendly in each aspect of their swimwear production life. 

Minnow chooses to create one limited collection of designs per year, instead of per season. All their bathers are made by hand in Toronto, Ontario on a customer demand basis by workers paid a livable wage. They use minimal-waste patterns while cutting fabric to keep their fabric waste as low as possible. Minnow Bathers donates $1 from each sale they make to Nature Conservancy of Canada, as well as donating portions of their sales throughout the year to different animal and human rights organizations, in an effort to offset the environmental impacts of producing their products. 

The fabrics Minnow Bathers uses are 78% recycled plastics – cool, right?

Size range: XXXL-XS 

Price Range: $62 – $180 CAD




Nettlestale is a Vancouver based brand established in 2014. Their core values include creating pieces ethically and locally, quality and thoughtful design and working to always be better. While most of their products are made in Canada they have expanded to add manufacturing facilities to their team based in the USA and Taiwan! Their product listings include which area the piece you’re browsing was made in incase being made in Canada is a selling point for you. that being said, their manufacturing processes are done by workers being paid fairly and working in liveable conditions. Details of each one are on their website, too! 

One detail I love about Nettle’s Tale are their Community Fit Guides. They understand that not all humans are the same measurements and therefore have created a fit guide of real customers – what the customers measurements are as well as what size clothing they wear at Nettle’s Tale. 

Size range:  4X – XS

Price Range: $62 – $169 CAD




Thief & Bandit is based in Halifax, NS and make beautiful products. From printing the fabrics by hand to sewing each product in house, Thief & Bandit are truly a made in Canada shop. Each fabric design is sketched out and then printed with water based acrylic inks by hand in their studio. When the fabrics are ready to go each piece is then sewn by hand by their staff. Their swimsuits specifically are printed on ChicoSante, 100% recycled swim fabric, and printed via sublimation at an independent Canadian supplier.

Thief & Bandit strives to have their wearers feel the same way they feel while making their products: empowered. 

Size range:  4X – XS,  with custom sizing available.

Price Range: $98 – $228 CAD




Unika is a Toronto based swimwear brand providing comfortable suits for every body. Their mission is to provide custom swimwear that allows the wearer to feel confident and beautiful no matter their size, shape or age. While they specialize in custom swimsuits they do also offer sizes 4X – XS in all their pieces if those sizes work for you. Customization is also available for those who have had surgeries such as a mastectomy.

Unika makes-to-order each piece to help reduce waste. Their products are made in house by their team using a regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post-industrial waste, like fishing nets. Their storefront is an open concept where clients can see the production process while visiting the store!

Size range:  4XL – XS, with custom size options available

Price Range: $60 – $200 CAD



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  2. Alice Anne Humphrey

    March 6, 2024 at 1:14 pm

    Have you ever seen a group of post-menopausal women doing water aerobics? Swimsuits need sports bras built in. The older a woman gets, the floppier her breasts get; they need more support than ever.

    I want adjustable, non-elastic, shoulder straps, a high neckline and back line with really, really good support, so that my D size girls do not move. All older women get a little belly pooch, no matter how flat her abs were in her youth. Make sure swimsuits have strong tummy control. I want pretty colors and a design that draws the eye up away from my thighs. High cut legs keep my thighs from looking like sausages. I would also love a pocket for my hotel key card instead of putting it under the front of my shoulder strap. I would also like a matching zip-up long sleeve jacket for sun protection in the water.

    Stop saying that any piece of apparel will look good on all figures. We know you design everything for women with banana shapes. Have the guts to design separate suits for slightly plump apple and pear figures.

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