Easter Morning Sensory Bin

Looking to add some extra fun to your Easter morning? This Easter sensory bin is a fun option! 

Let’s go back to Easter of 2020 – we had been stuck at home for a little while, the twins were still young to fully embrace an Easter egg hunt. I was at the dollar store and noticed they had fun kits that would make the perfect sensory bin so I decided to grab some fun options to make an Easter sensory bin! When Easter rolled around I threw the bin together in our Ikea Flisat table the night before the hunt right after I had hid their morning hunt items. Easter morning rolled around and they came downstairs – they were SO excited to have a sensory bin to dive into (honestly, I think they were more excited for the bin than they were the actual Easter hunt). 

It was a great addition to our Easter morning routine and gave us a break to enjoy some coffee and peace amongst the usual chaos. Here’s the details of our Easter sensory bin! 

The materials: 

  • Dollarama Easter kit that included little chicks, some bunnies, carrots and straw 
  • Green paper basket filler 
  • Ikea Flisat table and bins 
  • Tongs 

We use our Ikea Flisat table for almost all of our sensory activities – you can read more about why we love it here. Each section of the bin was it’s own little lance – a carrot field for the bunnies, a grass field for the little chicks and a hay bed resting point for all of them, nests included!

As far as learning opportunities go, you can always…

…use it to practice counting! 

  • How many chicks are hiding in the grass?
  • How many carrots can you pull out of the garden? 
  • How many chicks fit into the nest?

…use it to practice Easter and Spring words! 

  • Bunny / rabbit 
  • Chick / baby chicken 
  • Nest 
  • Egg 
  • Grass 
  • Flower 
  • Butterfly 

…practice fine motor skills! 

  • Use various tools like tongs to move the animals 
  • See how many chicks you can stack before they fall 
  • See how many pieces of grass you can pull out with tongs in a row 

…and more!

The upside to simple bins are the creativity you can apply to them – let your kiddo take the lead on it and see where it goes. 

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