Easter is almost here – time to start buying the perfect Easter basket items! 

Every year I end up in a panicked rush at the store right before Easter, scrounging up what I can for the kids to open and hunt for on Easter morning. You know, the cheap chocolate eggs and the remaining plastic eggs to hide them in kind of thing. 

While we’re not the kind of family who spends hundreds of dollars on Easter baskets the kids are getting to an age where a nice basket at the end of their hunt would be fun.

Here are my top ten picks for perfect Easter basket items from Modern Rascals that are under $20 each – and keep your eyes open for a discount code at the end of this article!

All prices in this article are listed in CAD.

#1: Nins in Different Woods from Grapat 


Can you ever go wrong with wooden pegs dolls? I’m a firm believer that no, you can’t. 

Wooden pegs dolls are a great choice when it comes to versatility and price point. Since they’re typically plain they can become any character, gender or age you’d like them to be!

This set of three from Grapat are only $14 and there are a few different colour choices. You can find the ones pictured here.  

#2: Mini Finger Puppets from Folkmanis


I was never a huge fan of puppets for my kids until I discovered the Folkmanis puppets. 

These puppets are beautiful and realistic in the best ways possible. We have an entire Folkmanis collection in this house, both thrifted and bought new, and you cannot tell the difference between the thrifted and brand news ones as the quality is incredible. 

With a variety in animals, insects and ocean life you’re bound to find an animal your child loves. The mini finger puppets range from $8 – $19 and you can find the collection right here!

#3: Wooden Mushrooms from Erzi


These wooden mushrooms are so cute! 

The wooden mushrooms from Erzi come in different sizes and they’ve been a fun addition to our playroom. They fit in as decor on our wall shelves beautifully, are the perfect little addition to a play kitchen and could be used in different sensory bins, too! 

The smallest size are only $2.50 each and the bigger size is only $4.50 each. You can find the smallest size here!

#4: Insect Eye Kaleidoscope from Londji


See life the same way a bee sees life with these fun kaleidoscope lookers from Londji. 

We’ve had a set of these for a couple of years now and they’re perfect Easter basket items! They’re compact enough to be tossed into our outing bags for fun in the forest or park, they’re great as a distraction or game during a long drive and overall a fun learning experience. 

I was a little worried that they’re made from cardboard instead of wood or plastic, but they’ve held up very well. There’s currently the option of a Rocket or Major Tom and they’re only $9 each! 

You can find them here

#5: Wooden Bunny from Holztiger


Whether you’ve already started a wooden animals collection or not, the wooden bunnies from from Holztiger are a perfect Easter basket item! 

We don’t own a bunny yet (maybe this year!) but we do own a few other animals by Holztiger and they’re wonderful. The paint jobs are so beautiful and give them a realistic touch, they’re durable and they look cute as decor when they’re not being played with. 

Holztiger makes a huge line of animals to choose from so you can possibly find your child favourite animal, too. The bunny pictured on the left is only $10.50 and you can find it here!

#6: Crayons from Bellen’s More Than Peach

Photo from Modern Rascals

Crayons are always a great idea, no matter the holiday, so they’ll always be on my list of perfect Easter basket items!

While Crayola recently released it’s line of multicultural crayons there have been a few small shops who created and started selling the sets first. 

Modern Rascals carries three crayons sets from Bellen’s More than Peach: the multicultural pack which is $3, the rainbow crayon pack for $6 and the Palette Pack for $20! You can find all three right here

#7: Books from Strong Nations Publishing 


Modern Rascals currently carries a wide variety of books, but I wanted to highlight the books from Strong Nations Publishing!

Strong Nations is an Indigenous owned and operated publishing house, as well as a book and gift store. 

We all heave learning to do in regards to Indigenous lives and practices and these books are a great start! 

With a variety in prices and ages, you’re bound to find new books to add to your collection for $20 or less. Find the Strong Nations books here!

#8: Fun Socks from Duns Sweden 


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting new fun socks as gifts so I had to include socks on the list of perfect Easter Basket items.

Modern Rascals carries a few different types and brands of socks, from baby up to adult. But I l o v e the fun patterns Duns offers and while we don’t own Duns socks, we own other products from Duns, and the quality is incredible. 

The socks pictured are only $9 and you can find them here. Not a fan of cats? No worries, find the entire collection of socks that Modern Rascals offers here

#9: Eco bug Cutter Set from Kinfolk and Co


How adorable is this Bug Cutter Set! 

We don’t have this exact set, but we do have the butterfly lifecycle cutter set from Kinfolk and Co and they’re AWESOME. The cutters are  made from recycled wood mill sawdust and plant-based biodegradable plastic making them a more eco-friendly option than the usual cutters. 

You could use them for play dough, for making cookies and pastries or dip them in paint and use as a stencil. 

Find the Bug Eco Cutter Set for only $17.80 here!

#10: Candycars from Candylab Toys


I only have good things to say about Candylab toys cars and that’s why they’re finishing up the list of perfect Easter Basket items! 

We have a small collection of Candylab cars here and they’re always a hit with the kids. The cars are made from a solid wood and painted with a water-based paint, with a clear urethane coat on top.

I think Candylab Cars are the perfect size! They fit great with the Way to Play roads, right into a diaper bag and have withstood my kids who play hard with their toys. 

Find the full collection of cars Modern Rascals offers here.

So that’s it! My list of ten items under $20 from Modern Rascals that would be perfect Easter basket items. 

Modern Rascals has quickly and easily become one of my favourite places to shop since having kids. The products they carry are curated collections of sustainable, dependable products that can be passed down though multiple kids or generations and, while many may be way over the $20 mark, always end up being worth the price we pay. 

As promised at the top – DISCOUNT CODE

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Note: discount code does not apply to clothing and may only be used once per customer (so fill that cart!).







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