Five Favourite Crayola Products!

I’ve been crafting with kids of all ages for years – here’s my top five favourite Crayola products I always have on hand!

Wondering which Crayola products are worth it?

Maybe you’re a parent, maybe you’re a childcare worker, maybe you’re a teacher – one thing in common is the need to do kids crafts. Kids crafts can get messy quick and cleanup can be a pain. Not to mention the products not working properly or lasting long enough so often!  That’s why these are some of my favourite Crayola products: they’ve proven they are easy to use, easy to clean and stand the test of time. 


1. Crayola Crayons 

A classic Craylola products staple for so many: Crayola crayons. 

Crayons are one of those art materials that can be finicky – no matter which brand you buy, they will all break eventually. Crayola crayons, however, are a sturdier crayon than it’s competitors and the paper is much easier to peel off to reuse it for another activity like melting new crayons.  

In recent years, Crayola has released their Colours of the World line which includes a crayon set of different skin tones from around the world. If you’re crafting with younger kids, Crayola also offers crayons for different age groups. 

Shop the classic Crayola crayon

shop the colours of the world crayons

2. Crayola Washable Project Paints 

I have a deep love for the Crayola Washable Project Paints! 

We’ve been using them for five years now on a regular basis for a number of projects – painting pictures, making decor, sensory play… The washable paints truly are washable, don’t stain (at least they never have for us) and come in a nice variety of colours. You can stick to the basics, get neon colours or even glitter! 

If I had any downside to these, it would be the smaller size of the paint pots themselves. I do wish they came in bigger bottles to reduce how many we go through. 

shop Crayola washable project paints

3. Crayola My First Safety Scissors

Giving kids scissors? *shudders* 

The idea of having tiny humans cutting paper with scissors always made mer nervous. So when our first was a toddler I grabbed some Crayola My First Safety Scissors while out shopping and decided to see if they’d even work. 

Spoiler alert: they do! 

Being kids safety scissors, they don’t cut through everything. But for a little one who is just starting to craft with basics like construction paper they’re awesome! The set comes with three pairs of scissors – a normal straight pair, and two pairs with fun cutting patterns. 

Our kids are now 3 & 6 years old and our Crayola scissors are still a part of our regular crafting materials, even with regular kids scissors now mixed in.

shop Crayola safety scissors

4. Crayola Glitter Glue

I know, I know – you’ve seen the word glitter and you’re internally freaking out at the idea of glitter coming into your home. The Crayola Glitter Glue is the ONLY glitter I allow in our house! 

Glitter itself is a messy thing to get into but the consistency of the Crayola Glitter Glue is perfect. The tubes are easy to squeeze and have a resealable top on it to prevent it from drying out after the first use. 

Whenever we’re painting and want to add glitter to it, I’ll just squeeze some of the glitter glue into their paint tray and let them brush it on like a normal paint. The glitter glue does not shed glitter when it’s dry, either! I’ve used it to mix into regular paint and make it glittery as well. 

Shop Crayola glitter glue

5. Crayola Construction Paper 

Every time we’ve bought other brands of construction paper and then came back to Crayola I remember why: it’s the best. 

While there are many brands that make a perfectly fine construction paper, I just love the quality of Crayola products more. Their construction paper is thick without being thick like cardstock and holds up against things like glue and paint without warping or ripping. 

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