Review: The Francesca Trimmer from Bushbalm

Looking for a new trimmer for your legs, arms, bikini line or all of the above? The Francesca Trimmer from Bushbalm is what you’re looking for! 

Have Bushbalm and their Francesca Trimmer been on your Instagram feed, too?

Body hair isn’t a huge thought for me – whether I’m shaved or not, I’m good to go. In other words I can go long periods of time where I forget I need to shave until I have hair that’s inches long. At that point, shaving just becomes a task, it takes forever to get it done with a disposable razor and I end up dealing with so many ingrown hairs! 

After Bushbalm kept popping up on my feed, I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase their Francesca Trimmer for myself. It didn’t look bulky, can be used in the shower and had raving reviews about it’s dependability and how it lessons the amount of ingrown hairs. 

Here’s how my journey with the Francesca Razor has gone so far… (hint: it’s good)

Let’s start with the basics.

I bought the Francesca Trimmer straight from the Bushbalm website for $75 – which is a pretty fair price compared to other ones I had originally considered. The length of the trimmer is wider than many of its cheaper competitors so it’ll get the job done quicker.  

The box comes with:

  • The Francesca Trimmer
  • A charging cord 
  • A guard 
  • A cleaning brush
  • Lubricant for the blade
  • A carrying/storage bag 

And yes – everything that comes in the box fits perfectly into the bag it comes with!

I’m going to be honest: when the Francesca Trimmer first came in the mail I got a little scared to use it. I had never used any sort of electric trimmer or razor before this and I had some fears. Like, ripping my skin to shreds, hair pulling out – you know, the over-thinker type of fears… I think it has to do from the time my mom waxed my legs. Or perhaps the time I tried to use an epilator and immediately wanted to cry. Maybe from all the times I’ve injured myself shaving with a disposable?

Overall, I’ve had a lot of bad times just trying to keep the hair on my body shaved and behaved. So I went ahead and charged the Francesca Trimmer, hopped in the bathtub, contemplated my life choices for a moment and then started shaving. 

Yes, I was scared of a trimmer for no reason (but I’m sure most of you already know that…). 

I think this is an important moment to point out the Francesca Trimmer is not a full blown razor and not meant to give you as close of a shave as a razor will – it’s more meant to give you a quick trim, groom or shave your hair down to the length for a wax. But I did get pretty damn close shave using it on my legs and in a fraction of the time.

The Francesca Trimmer isn’t silent but it isn’t loud, either. I consider it quiet enough

to use during the kids nap time and that’s a key selling point for many of us!

Since I wasn’t too sure how to go about getting the best shave I played around with different angles until I found what felt right. I do know the best way to use it is against the direction your hair grows in and to pull the skin tighter. 

The areas I went over quick and didn’t go back over were small stubble and the places I paid attention to were basically clean shaven.

I was on a roll at this point and looked down at my crotch and thought, well at this point, why not?  

Shaving my legs annoys me – but shaving my bikini line and surrounding area? Absolute hell to me. Takes forever to get around it all, I’ve got a bunch of scars and stretch marks that can be sensitive at times and it always ends in a million itchy, annoying razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Plus, it always ends up patchy when I’m trying to get it all shaved down but not completely shaved off, ya know?

This is where the guard that comes with the Francesca Trimmer is super useful. I used the guard over the general main area of my crotch and got a nice, even shave all across. I then popped the guard off and went back over my bikini line for a more clean shave.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a crotch shave go so fast or well in my life – no exaggeration! And because I just know people will wonder: no, I did not try and shave my butt with the trimmer. Maybe one day.

Usually  shaving leaves me with a ton of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, the whole shebang. While I did still end up with a few ingrown hairs on my legs, they could also have been there before I shaved BUT they did not become infected or painful. My bikini line is usually plastered in bumps that itch like crazy – but not this time! Even with underwear and pants rubbing against it I stayed bump, itch and pain free. 

Overall, I am in love the Francesca Trimmer from Bushbalm. Since it’s still winter here I haven’t been shaving a ton but I’ve grabbed it a few times in the shower now with wonderful results. While it’s a trimmer and not a razor, I’ve had no problems depending on it to give me a quick and easy leg or armpit shave and won’t be going back to a disposable razor any time soon! I’m excited to add more Bushbalm products to my skin care line and see how they work out, too. 



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