With her charming smile and fun songs, these classes are an engaging and entertaining way to learn and that’s why we love Little Rebels music class so much! 


I’m presuming when you hear the words ‘music class’ you immediate think of instruments, practice and maybe even boring. That’s why we love Little Rebels music class so much – they’re far from your average music class! 

Little Rebels music classes are baby and toddler music classes that use music and movement to stimulate cognitive learning and muscle development. They’re age based classes that encourage the learning appropriate for each age! Baby classes (2-12 months old) will include tummy time, mirror time and baby massage. Kids classes (13 months – 3 years) will work on movement like crawling, walking and balance skills. All classes feature amazing adaptions of popular songs which makes it fun for adults to join too! 

I first heard about Jen and her music classes when B was still a baby and we lived in Toronto. At the time I didn’t see how a music class could benefit our baby but since then I have learned so much about how Jen’s classes work, what they include and I regret not doing them sooner. 

Thanks to this pandemic Little Rebels has moved from in-person classes to virtual ones and it’s been a lifesaver. Classes are done online via Instagram live – the class video saves for 6 days and you have access to both your classes and the other ones taught by the same teacher. If you’re like me and you have unpredictable kids it’s been great; if we can’t make it to class, we can go back in and join it later on. Or re-watch a class we really loved! 

We recently started our own block of classes after joining many of the free ones Jen hosted. It’s been the perfect time-filler for an hour each week while the weather gets worse and we want to spend a little less time outside. 

Some of our favourite activities we do in Little Rebels classes are:

  • Using balls and shakers to tap along to songs
  • Playing peek-a-boo with blankets 
  • Learning new song lyrics to sing together outside of class
  • Choosing what animal we want on Old Macdonalds Farm. 

Jen is an incredibly positive human being. Her giant, welcoming smile greets us each and every class. She’s funny, witty and an absolute pleasure to watch. You can tell she’s passionate and loves every moment of what she does with Little Rebels! 

While we love Jen she is only one human capable of so much. Luckily she does have other teachers on her team to maximize the amount of kids who can experience Little Rebels classes. 

One important factor for children when they’re growing is repetition. It aids in the development of skills, helps with confidence and it’s a big comfort in knowing what will happen. Little Rebels honours this by keeping the same block of songs, activities and books in the weeks of classes you’ve joined. For us as adults it may seem boring or useless but for our kids it’s perfect! 

Their virtual class details include:

  • 8 teachers working on over 20 classes
  • Monday to Saturday class options
  • 45 minute classes
  • Time blocks vary between 9:30am and 4:30pm
  • Age groups of 2-6months, 7-13 months and 14-24+ months 

Worried it won’t be worth it for your family because you can’t imagine your child paying attention to the screen?

I was you!

My kids attention spans with screens come and go and I wasn’t sure it would be worth it for us. What I’ve come to realize is they’re absorbing and learning the content even if they aren’t actively watching and participating the entire time. 

Thankfully Instagram has added the ability to watch Instagram Live’s from a desktop computer (which is what we do) but some devices have the ability to cast onto a television. I brought our television upstairs for a few classes and it was so fun! 


If weekly classes aren’t something you can fit into your schedule, Little Rebels also offers: 

  • Zoom birthday party classes
  • Gift Certificates (perfect for birthday and holiday gifts!)
  • Specialty group classes 

and more! 

Does this sound like something fun to try this winter? I hope so! Click the button below to head to Little Rebels website, read more about them and request a class for yourself! 

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