What kind of gifts would a new parent love to be gifted? I asked my Instagram community what their best postpartum gift ideas were to find out!

After making a fun reel highlighting underrated postpartum gifts we should start normalizing I wanted to find out what other kinds of gifts should be included. What gifts actual people who’ve birth loved, what they found useful and what they would have loved to receive. 

There is so much love for the baby after they arrive that we frequently forget it took someone nine months to grow them, allow them to thrive and then exit that baby out of their body. Not to mention the treatments, planning, money and everything else that could have had to happen to make that baby.

Don’t forget – many new parents don’t want to seem like they can’t handle parenthood and will deny help that’s offered. I like to cater these gifts in ways that they’re dropped off without the expectation of a long visit (like a porch drop off), or in a kind way that doesn’t feel like a burden. Example: a text that says ‘I’m heading to the grocery store, what can I get for you to drop off on your porch after?’ That way if they’re not in the mood for a visit, they can still accept your offer. Or, if they are in the mood for someone to visit, they can invite you in (and be prepared to hold baby and let that parent take a shower or nap!)

Here is a list of the best postpartum gift ideas for the new parents in your life!


  1. Food delivery
  2. Coffee shop
  3. Local restaurants
  4. Spa
  5. Nails
  6. Massage (bonus if at home!)
  7. Lactation consultation 
  8. Babywearing consultation
  9. Sleep consultant 
  10. Pelvic Floor therapy 
  11. House cleaner
  12. Snow removal
  13. Landscaping
  14. Overnight doula/postpartum nanny 
  15. Therapy
  16. Their favourite store(s) for late night feeding shopping


  1. Coffee/tea
  2. Snacks
  3. Freezer meals/homemade meals (bonus if they can be eaten with one hand!)
  4. Alcohol and/or weed, if that’s something they enjoy. 


  1. Comfy sweats
  2. Cozy nursing-friendly cardigan 
  3. Nice underwear
  4. Lingerie
  5. Comfy robe + slippers
  6. Freida momwasher
  7. Witchhazel spray
  8. Cozy, fluffy socks
  9. Bath salts
  10. Nipple butter
  11. Nursing bra or hands-free pumping bra
  12. Toiletries 
  13. Nipple pads
  14. Big, cozy blanket
  15. Sleep belt or stretchy wrap for long cuddles
  16. A postpartum recovery kit of subscription box


  1. Offer to babysit so parents can nap, have alone time, have a long shower, etc. 
  2. Offer to run their errands like groceries or picking up the mail for them. 
  3. Offer to do helpful cleaning, like the laundry, if you can’t afford to gift them the service. 
  4. Offer to organize a meal trail with friends and family ahead of the birth so they’re set on food 
  5. Offer to pickup up missing baby items 
  6. Offer to babysit older siblings if there are any


Food. The answer was overwhelmingly food! 

I remember always being hungry and never feeling like I had the time to cook anything hearty and filling, so food is definitely a big one. I know that remade meals, fresh food drop-offs and box meals are very popular but I’d be 100% certain that you’re sure of their allergies, preferences and even freezer space before this happens! I packed our freezer myself ahead of time so if I’d had people show up with freezer meals I would have been stuck. 

I’m a big fan of gifting certificates and gift cards – even cash! – that can go towards ordering food. Between Ubereats, door dash, instacart and so many other options that exist there should be one that works for the new parents. Gifting a credit towards food means they can order what they want, what they’re craving and what will actually be eaten. 

After I gave birth to the twins, one of my best friends came to visit and brought one of the best postpartum gifts ideas ever – an amazing care package for me. It included items like

  • My favourite snacks
  • Ready-made coffee
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Travel sized shampoo, conditioner, unscented lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste and deodorant 
  • Nipple cream
  • A big reusable water bottle
  • Hair elastics and bobby pins

There were definitely other things I’m forgetting. At first I thought she had wasted her money getting me all of it but it ended up being one of the greatest gifts I ever received. I had a whole box of necessities for myself in the hospital and when I arrived at home. They were also amazing to have for the NICU!

We also had family take our eldest daughter when the twins came and while it was hard to have her leave for that little bit of time it was equally a life saver. I could concentrate on recovering from my second c-section and take care of the babies without needing to worry that our third was getting enough attention, or being fed – she was taken care of. 

Overall, I think one of the best postpartum gift ideas you can give a new parent is space and no expectations. Don’t overwhelm them with requests to see the baby right away, don’t show up at the hospital unannounced to see them and don’t hold it against them if they don’t get around to answering your phone calls and messages. While I don’t necessarily regret having many people visit in the hospital I think it would have been much less overwhelming to bring a new human home if it had been just us.





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