Why We Love Our Ikea FLISAT Table!

Chances are if you’re a parent you’ve heard about the Ikea FLISAT table. Here’s the top reasons why we’ve loved having our Ikea sensory table for our three kids and home daycare!

We have had our Ikea FLISAT table for a few years now. We bought it when our twins were babies enjoying their first summer and the table was quickly picking up popularity in parenting groups and bloggers. I wasn’t fully sure how much it would get used but between having three kids who loved sensory play, no real kids crafting table and a home daycare close to opening I decided to try it out. 

We immediately fell in love!

This will be our third summer using the Ikea FLISAT table and I have nothing but good things to say about it. We use it both indoors and outdoors all year round for a variety of activities. When it’s not being used for a specific activity it lives as a table in our crafting area as a free play table, mostly for our preschooler. 

I’m frequently asked about our experience with it so here’s my top reasons why I love having the Ikea FLISAT table! 

  1. It’s versatile.

I live for buying secondhand so when I buy something new I try to make it an item well worth the price that has more than one use. Our Ikea FLISAT table fits the bill; so far we’ve used it as: 

  • A sensory table
  • A Lego table
  • A crafting table
  • A snack table
  • A water table
  • A train table 
  • A sandbox table
  • A gardening table 

and more!

The table uses the same bins as the TROFAST storage units. This adds to it’s versatility as you can pick and choose what size bins you need. The super deep TROFAST bins are awesome for extended water play for older kids who tend to dump a lot of water out the sides. 

2. It’s easy to move around and store. 

The Ikea FLISAT table is a fairly lightweight option. It has enough weight that it can stay put while playing and support the weight of my kids climbing on it but light enough to lift and move wherever it’s needed. 

With the many different activities and places we use our table for it was important it be easy to move around for me. It takes no effort to carry it to the lawn for water play, back in the house for a craft and then out onto the deck to play with sand!

One big bonus I hadn’t thought about was the fact the Ikea FLISAT table technically “folds” flat – the legs for the table are screw-ins, so when space is needed you can unscrew the legs, pop out any bins and have it stored in a small space. I occasionally take ours apart and tuck it in beside out storage shelf and so far it hasn’t affected the sturdiness of the table itself. Realistically this makes it easy to pack in the car and bring along to a playdate, grandparents house or to the cottage.

3. It’s easy to clean. 

Well… it’s easy to clean for the most part. 

The table frame itself is a nice, smooth surface easy for cleaning. I’ve washed, scraped and scrubbed many sensory bins, art projects and crayon off of it. The only cleaning issue I’ve had is getting acrylic paint that has dried off of the white table top pieces but if we’re being honest I haven’t tried that hard either. 

If it’s a washable material, it should wash right off the Ikea FLISAT table frame. It’s also just small enough that I can toss it into the shower during the winter months when I can’t hose it off! 

4. It grows with them.

Lastly, it’s a piece of furniture that grows with our kids. When we bought it we had a three year old and one year old twins and added daycare kids all in the same age range. They’re now a (very tall) five and a half year old and two three year old twins who still use it daily! Our preschooler, even though she’s super tall, has no issues on the height of the table for playing (and is the one who actually uses the Ikea FLISAT table the most) or sitting to craft at it. Having dependable pieces of furniture that grow with our kids is a big upside for me – I hate constantly replacing things around the house and I love that it’s here to stay with us for the long haul. 

Overall, the Ikea FLISAT table has a good list of benefits and I suggest it to any family with small kids who has the room to accommodate it. Between it’s large versatility of uses, lightweight frame and easy to clean surface it’s a table meant for everyone and not just families who are super into sensory play!



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