This may be one of my favourite DIY hacks to date. The plant shelf DIY using an Ikea shoe rack! 

When I was planning our mini kitchen makeover a huge part of it was wanting a beautiful kitchen window that allowed as many plants as possible. At first I was going to to a rod across to hang plants, but I couldn’t help but feel like I could utilize the space even better. 

The problem with putting in a regular shelf is our kitchen light that’s above the sink – it’s too close to the wall, so if we put up a regular shelf it would block too much light! 

As I stood in the kitchen I saw our front hall closet in the corner of my eye and it dawned on me – I could easily pull together a plant shelf DIY using an Ikea shoe rack. 

Honestly, we weren’t a fan of these shoe racks for our closet anymore anyways. This was a great way to reuse instead of giving away or sending them to landfill. 




Step one in this plant shelf DIY was finding the best place to put the brackets. I found the centre of the rack using the measuring tape and then put a bracket halfway between the end and the halfway point on either side. If you’re planning on the shelf having a lot of weight you may want to add a third bracket to the centre! 


Next, I cut pieces of wire that were long enough to loop around each bracket a few times. One wrap near the tip of the bracket, one in the centre and another at the base. Make sure to wrap tightly so the shelf won’t wiggle around! 

Optional: wrap it in twine or a fun coloured rope after to hide the wire. 


Hardest part of this plant shelf DIY is over.- thats how easy it is!

Decide where you’d like your shelf to hang. You’ll also need to decide if your brackets will be above or below the shelf! Mine went above for height reasons mainly, but also so the potted plants above could hide the brackets. 

Once you’ve decided, level your shelf and mark where your holes will be. 


Final step in this plant shelf DIY is hanging it up. If you are hanging it on an area with no studs, be sure to use wall plugs. Mine were going into studs and got drilled right in. 


Your plant shelf DIY is complete and ready to be filled with all the plants and flowers your hearts desire. No shame if you decide to fill them with fake plants, thats what mine mainly is! 

Fake or real, the pop of colour is a fantastic change. 

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  2. carrie henderson

    November 17, 2020 at 1:28 am

    love this! gonna copy!

    1. beingthismama

      November 18, 2020 at 12:17 am

      Yay! Love to hear that.

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