The force is strong with this DIY Star Wars wall art!

Our master bedroom has definitely been the most neglected room in our house. It’s the room we spend the least amount of time in, it’s the room with one of the ugliest paint colours and it’s sat fairly bare for two years now. Since we rent this house I’m convincing myself that I don’t need to paint it or go overboard on furniture and decor but I do want to make it feel a little more like an oasis we can escape to. 

First up: this fun and super easy DIY Star Wars wall art using the Cricut Joy, some frames we had in the house and a little paint!

Fun fact: I actually didn’t grow up being a Star Wars fan. Neither of my parents cared for it so I lived about 19 years of my life without watching it or understanding most references. When I started working at Disney Store we released Star Wars product for the first time and I had to watch at least A New Hope to interact with Guests. Since then I’ve grown to really love the Star Wars franchise and it definitely helps that I fell in love with someone who is a huge fan too! 

I love adding subtle (and not so subtle) Disney related decor throughout the house as an ode to how we met, what we love and I enjoy that this wall art is one of those ‘if you know you know’ type things. 

So let’s dive into the details of how I pulled together the DIY Star Wars wall art!


I created the pattern I wanted in Design Space. If you’re also using the Cricut Joy for this you can use the Joy App to design it too! I knew I wanted a simple font that would be thick enough to be easily read so I went with AppleGothic. If you’re subscribed to Cricut Access in Design Space, another font that would work well is Din 1451. 


Once I was settled on a font I made sure the font was the right size. You’ll want to pay attention to how many inches tall your letters are to be sure they’ll fit nicely in the frame you want them to! 

Before you print, you’ll want to consider which side of the frame you’re going to be putting them. If you want them behind the glass, mirror your project before cutting. I forgot to mirror mine so the letters are on the outside and it doesn’t look bad! It’ll be up to you which one you decide. 


Once your design is all ready then it’s time to cut! I love how easy the Cricut Joy is to set up. I jus grabbed it off the shelf, plugged it in and was ready to go.

Since the cutting on it is so quiet I was able to do it in the same room as my daughter was doing her virtual learning without it being a distraction to her. 

Once your vinyl is finished being cut, cut around the letters to save as much scrap vinyl as possible. You can use the scraps later on for other projects that need smaller pieces or give them away to someone who can use them. Even smart vinyl can be cut on a mat later on!


Once I had cut away my excess vinyl I used the Weeder tool to carefully remove the background vinyl. Luckily this piece is super easy to remove the background from! 

Next I cut pieces of transfer tape and applied it to the vinyl. Be sure to press down well on both sides to be sure your vinyl is completely stuck to the transfer tape. 


Once all my vinyl was ready I quickly washed and dried the ‘glass’ of the frame. Since I used the FISKBO frames the clear pieces are actually plastic! Which means this art is safe to hang in any room without needing to worry about broken glass, like a kids bedroom or a playroom.

When you’re deciding where to put the vinyl be sure to check how much overhang the front of the frame has on the glass so you’re certain it won’t end up covered at all. 

Once the frames were dry I positioned the vinyl and pressed it on using the XL scraper. Be sure to get out all the air bubbles – I ended up having to poke a few bubbles with the Weeder tool to get the air to come out of them.  



Paint time! 

Once your vinyl is done and good to go it’s time to paint. I used black paint to match the frames, our room and to keep it simple. It was also the best contrast to the white vinyl for visibility. But you can use any colour vinyl and paint you want to! 

Using a wide brush (or sponge brush), dip it lightly into the paint and then spread using long strokes. I kept it fairly close to the letters but you can make it as big or small as you want. 

It’s up to you how you want it to look in the end! 

A variation would be to do two tones of paint colours. Example, I could have done a light, scattered layer of silver before doing the black. Or could have splattered some silver and gold paint before the black to make it look like the starry sky in space! 

Once your paint has fully dried it’s time to put it back in the frame. In all honesty mine ended up being the plain glass mainly from a lack of background paper in the house! But, I really like how it turned out so I have no complaints. If you didn’t want the colour of your walls to be the background colour, simply cut a piece of paper to fit the frame. 

And here it is all complete: 

I am borderline obsessed with how it turned out. I love the simplicity of the art, I love the quote and It looks so nice on the wall above our bed that was previously blank! Next will be getting a frame to add one of our Star Wars prints in the middle of them, hanging some plants on their side and hopefully adding a headboard as well. 

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