Shoutout to all my fellow weird moms.

The ones who never feel like they fit in with all the other moms.

The ones who never feel wanted at the playground.

The ones who feel like they stick out at parent teacher meetings.

The ones who have a hard time fitting in at playgroup.

The ones who stand outside the yoga doing, wine drinking, Wiggles listening circle.

I’ve always considered myself weird. I’ve never considered myself someone who really fits into a crowd. I’m almost always the loudest in a group, I laugh at the wrong times and I spew out random facts. My jokes never land, I dye my hair random colours and I will bust out into dance moves anytime, anywhere. Just to name a few.

When I first had B, I lived in an area of town where I stuck out like a sore thumb. My clothes weren’t right, my stroller was wrong and I fucking hated wine. I couldn’t trade vacation stories, I couldn’t afford the fun baby classes and I always looked like a mess. My job was looked down on and my wild child was judged.

The pre-pregnancy friends I had and loved didn’t have kids. As loving and caring as they were it’s not easy to continue friendships when you can’t come and go as you please. So the invites slowed down and the loneliness creeped in. 

Then I started an Instagram motherhood journey and felt like an even weirder mom. My house wasn’t right, my kids outfits weren’t right, everything about me made me feel like I was on the outside.

I started drinking wine to fit in.

I hid parts of my house in photos and stories to fit in.

I started to hide my music taste and packed away tons of band shirts.

I started to loose myself to fit into the motherhood stereotype that surrounded me.

Going through old photos a little while ago made me realize how much I was holding back.

Connecting with old neighbours through this platform made me realized how many friendships I’d missed out on.

Posting about my music tastes and weird stories has allowed me to realize not only can I be accepted for them, but there are others who love the same and think I’m funny.

I stopped drinking regularly and shit my pants a lot less.


Shoutout to all the weird moms who never feel like they fit in.

I’ve got your back. I’ll be your friend.



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