Best Baby Shower Gifts From Indigo

Looking to get a baby shower gift for an upcoming new one? Here’s some of my favourite baby shower gifts from Indigo! 

Choosing a baby shower gift can be hard! I’ve been on both ends of the situation, both giving and receiving, and the amount of choices out there can be overwhelming – especially if you don’t have kids yourself. Everything in this list was tried, tested and approved by our family and items I absolutely swear by as far as quality, standing the test of time and whether or not our kids even enjoyed them.  

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  1. Kyte Sleep Sack 

We tried a few styles and brands of sleep sacks with our twins (our first was a no sleep sack kind of baby) and our favourite ended up being the Kyte Baby Sleep Bags! They were voted the #1 Wearable Blanket by The Bump a few years ago, so there was no surprise there. 

Kyte Baby sleep sacks are beautifully made. The zipper goes the full way around the bottom making diaper changes while babe is sleeping, or in the wee hours of the night, a breeze. Kyte Baby uses 97% Rayon from Bamboo and 3% Spandex making these sleep bags super soft and comfortable. Plus, they come in a variety of colours and sizes to aid in finding the best colour and size choice possible when choosing a baby shower gift. 

Shop The Kyte Baby Sleep Bag

2. Jellycat Plush Bunny 

I resisted buying any Jellycat plushies for our kiddos until our youngest was around two and we came across a Raccoon Jellycat plush on clearance at Indigo. Four years later and we still have that exact same racoon – as well as a bunny, unicorn, octopus, whale…

Jellycat plushies are worth the price tag – they’re incredibly soft and well made. Ours have accompanied our three kids through daily cuddles, nightly sleeps, car rides, road trips and more. They’re still soft, adorable and no where near needing to be replaced – and they’ve gone through the ringer!

As a baby shower gift, I highly suggest the classic medium-sized Bashful Bunny in cream. It’s gender neutral, a great size to grow with and too cute to handle!  

Shop The Jellycat Bunny

3. The EZPZ First Foods Set 

EZPZ is easily one of my top brands for baby gear when it comes to eating and they’ve released some incredible products in the last couple years. EZPZ products are available in different varieties to cover a large range of age ranges when it comes to eating – we’ve been using some of our kids plates for three years now!

For a baby shower gift, the perfect EZPZ product would be the First Foods Set. It includes a Tiny Bowl, Tiny Cup and two Tiny Spoons. The silicone is easy to clean and the non slip bottom is a great way to prevent spills. The Tiny Cup and Tiny Spoons are lightweight enough for a baby learning to eat to handle themselves. Plus it’s all dishwasher safe!

Whether the parents decide to start with purees or jump into baby led weaning this set is incredibly useful! 

Shop The EZPZ First Foods Set

4. The Dena Silicone Rainbow

This little rainbow set is AWESOME! We’ve had a few Dena sets for a couple of years now and they’ve gotten so much play time.

Being made of silicone makes them a toy with many options, including: 

  • Bathtime play
  • Sensory bins
  • Beach play
  • Pool play
  • Stacking with other stacking toys 
  • Teether 
  • and more! 

While there are other Dena products available, the small sized classic rainbow is the best to give as a baby shower gift. 

Shop The Dena Rainbow

5. The Green Beaver Baby Lotion

Green Beaver products are awesome and check the boxes for even the pickiest of shoppers: products are vegan, biodegradable, gluten free, fluoride free and cruelty free! We’ve had three babies with sensitive skin (plus, I too have very sensitive skin with a list of allergies) and Green Beaver has worked perfect for each of us.

If you’re looking for a “useful” gift to give at a baby shower then the Green Beaver baby lotion is a great option! It comes in Calming Lavender as well as a fragrance free option. 

Shop The Green Beaver Baby Lotion

6. The Nosefrida Snot Sucker

I know, I know – you see the word snot sucker and automatically imagine sucking snot right up into your mouth. It’s the exact reason I avoided buying one for SO long until one cold came around and made the babies miserable.

Guys, the Nosefrida Snot Sucker is wonderful, the snot does not go in your mouth and it’s one of those super useful baby shower gift ideas we need to give more often! We still have ours and pull it out occasionally for our toddlers. It sucks the snot right out of the tiniest of nostrils and helps everyone live more peacefully when there’s a cold going around the house. 

Shop The Nosefrida Snot Sucker

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