Is there a certain time or day that you should be heading to the thrift store? This is one of the biggest FAQ’s I get asked and now I’m finally answering. When should I go thrifting? Let’s find out. 

The biggest FAQ I get: are there better days or times to go thrifting?

Unfortunately there is no straight answer to this and every thrifter you ask is going to have a different answer. It happens for a variety of reasons, like where you live and what stores you’re shopping in. Even if you go to two locations of the same company they may have different plans!

There is also the factor of donations and what they have to put out. When donations slow down there could be days where nothing new needs to go out. Most thrift stores like Value Village are stocking their shelves throughout the day (at least on weekdays) so new products are flowing no matter when you go. 

Don’t shy away from asking your local stores though. They may have made a schedule to keep themselves organized, or may have big drop off days. I have heard of certain stores dedicating each day of the week to a certain type of item. I’ve heard of others who are like regular retail stores and only process items on certain days or at certain times. Honestly, there’s a lot of possibility in this subject and that’s why it’s so hard to know. 

What I can tell you is that personally I do have preferences.

I like to go on weekdays as close to open as possible. Not because they stock the shelves with prime items – or maybe they do – but because that’s when I find it the quietest and cleanest. Which translates to the easiest time for me to take as little or as long as I want in the store without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. I almost always have a double stroller with me and going first thing in the morning means my kids are happiest, the racks are the most organized and easily to pick through and there’s minimal carts, people and debris in the way of my stroller.

I try to stick to weekdays as much as possible and it’s for all the same reasons I go early. Most people are at work during the week, most people aren’t rushing to the thrift store on a Monday morning and I like to thrift in peace!

Are there better neighbourhoods to shop in?

I don’t like using the word better here. I do think that different neighbourhoods will bring you a different thrifting experience. Most thrift stores are based on the donations of the people I live around it so what those people are buying will have a great effect on their stock. On the hunt for great kids toys and clothes? Then make sure to try and head to a thrift store that’s surrounded by family homes, schools, parks… Looking to score deals on high end brands? Head to a store near a more privileged neighbourhood – or, like I used to, stores near film sets! When I lived in Toronto I shopped at a location that would regularly receive donations from the film set nearby and I scored some awesome clothing and decor that way. 

The important thing to remember is that there isn’t an exact release date for product. A store can’t tell you that Tuesday’s they receive a shipment of Melissa and Doug toys the same way most regular retail stores can. It will always be a hit or miss when you’re thrifting. Looking for a specific toy or specific brand? Don’t forget – the internet is filled with thrifting options as well! Facebook Marketplace, local buy & sell pages, online thrift stores… The options are endless. Just make sure to shop safe and meet in a public spot when possible!



Well, that’s that! The more you shop, the more you’ll start to find yourself falling into your own certain pattern while you’re there. Just remember to always make time for your favourite aisles.

Make any cool finds while you’re out thrifting? Be sure to upload them to Instagram and tag me in them – or use the #beingthisthriftma hashtag




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