Laminated Leaf Puzzle Two Ways

Laminated Leaf Puzzle Two Ways


A few ways to play using leaves we found on our walks 




We spent a lot of time out walking this fall. By 9am each morning we were packed into the stroller and out the door to either run errands, head to the playground or head out on a long walk. We’re super lucky to live in an area that is an older neighbourhood which means most properties and parks have big, mature trees. Not to mention we’re also surrounded by the Greenbelt! 

Collecting leaves may be one of the toddler’s favourite activities. Seriously. If you ever need something to fill the time during the fall, call a leaf hunt!  But I can’t lie – it’s one of my favourite activities as well! We both love creating a collection of different sizes, colours and patterns to bring home alongside our branches and pinecones. Instead of throwing them all away I really embraced the leaf life this fall and did a number of decorating and activities. 

So, here are two of the laminated puzzles we did! 









  1. I pressed the leaves for a little while. I’ve done both pressed and unpressed leaves and it’s possible to do it either way. However, when you do unpressed leaves it does tend to make air pockets!
  2. Trace the desired leaves on the paper using a sharpie.
  3. Place your leaves into the Scotch laminator pocket, making sure to leave enough room for a small border around each leaf.
  4. Laminate.
  5. Cut out your laminated leaves and play!


For older toddlers or kids, hide the leaves around the house or in a sensory bin to turn it into a scavenger hunt! 

If you’re using a bunch of different kinds of leaves, space them out on a bigger paper and write the type of leaf underneath! 








  1. Collect leaves (bigger leaves work better for this) and press if desired. 
  2. Cut leaves into puzzle pieces. I did 3-4 pieces per leaf, depending on its size. I also cut the stems off!
  3. Place leaves in your scotch laminator pocket, making sure to leave enough space for edging on all the pieces. 
  4. Laminate
  5. Cut out your pieces, leaving a small edge around each one.
  6. Play with your new puzzle!

Tip: Be delicate when placing the leaves into the laminator pouches. The don’t tend to move too much if they’re pressed but my unpressed leaves have crocked tops because they moved as I closed the pocket and didn’t realize it soon enough!  


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