‘Tis the season for eating pie, so why not play with it too?



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When the leaves start changing colour and the fall breeze blows in it means one thing: it’s pumpkin pie season, ya’ll! 

Rainy days are such great days for baking pie but with three really littles and a toddler in a small kitchen? Wasn’t the best option for success. 

So I did a pumpkin pie messy play instead!







  • Ikea Flisat table
  • Two Ikea Trofast bins 
  • Active World Tray
  • 1 can pumpkin puree 
  • graham cracker crumbs
  • Flour mixed with pumpkin pie spice
  • Various bowls – I used thrifted wooden bowls
  • Baking utensils (whisk, measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing spoon…) 

Realistically, you could always do this in either the Flisat table or Active World Tray, but having all the space to do the messy play was really nice! I think the activity lasted twice as long by using both. 

I did it with kids in diapers so that they could get a full body sensory activity. Three out of four kids were also my own, so it didn’t matter to me how messy they got. They weren’t going anywhere fast after the activity! 



Okay not an actual pie. It did mix, toss, spread, move and change though. Ingredients got moved from bowl to bowl, all the utensils were tested and ingredients were mixed together to make different pastes and powders.  

Tastes were tested and best of all? The room smelled awesome.  

Not a fan of pumpkin? You could swap out the pumpkin to apple sauce and make it into an apple pie activity! 

Loving the messy play?

Find the Jiggly Witch Messy Play h e r e.



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